We are guided by the principles of cultural equity and environmental ethics.

Composed Vanity (2019)

Composed Vanity (2019), Ladies & Gentlemen Studio (Brooklyn, U.S.A.).

By cultivating multidisciplinary collaborations, investing in mentorship programs, and freely sharing our “intellectual property,” we will help incubate the conditions for thriving among historically underrepresented talent.

The wellness of our customers and this planet matter more to us than the extraction of maximum profit. This outlook informs the steps we are taking toward a more sustainable future.

Year by year, we will hold ourselves to more stringent standards and use materials that earn more rigorous certifications. As our business grows, environmental stewardship will grow into an integral part of our business.

Our commitments:
— 15% Pledge
— Certified B Corporation
— 100% Declare labeled

Jessi Reaves_Butter Egg Chair 1

Eave Desk (2019), MSDS Studio (Toronto, Canada).

As part of our efforts, our team has made concrete, time-bound commitments. By 2025, we will:

— Dedicate 15% of our total purchasing power to supporting Black-owned businesses.

— Certify as a B Corporation to help set standards for creating more positive social and environmental impact, and track our performance over time.

— Disclose all ingredients, sourcing and life cycle information on ILFI Declare labels for 100% of products developed by Dims.

Our “Explorations” initiative will scout the frontier of design, privileging voices that have traditionally been excluded.

Barbican Trolley Detail

Rove Side Table (2018), Kenyon Yeh (Taichung, Taiwan); Barbican Play Trolley (2021), Visibility (New York, U.S.A.).

Our customers, partners and suppliers are often creative individuals and companies who value design as highly as we do. We view our role in this community as serving, not selling — this means we have a duty to promote and empower the members of our community.

By selectively taking chances on vanguard creative talents from other disciplines, as well as promising, lesser-known designers, we will encourage progress and inclusion at the leading edge of design.

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