Logos Ex Situ

Virtual-to-physical crowdfunding — order one or more Logos Chairs in virtual form (NFTs), and fund production of them in physical form (Spring 2022).

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To crowdfund the upcoming launch of Logos[*], the new outdoor collection by Dutch designer Christian Heikoop[†], we are minting a limited edition of Logos Ex Situ[‡].


The Greek word logos (λόγος) (originally meaning reason, word, thought, principle or speech) was used in classical Greek philosophy to describe an unchanging cosmic truth, available to any individual who sought it. The usage was reportedly first seen in the writings of 6th-century-BCE philosopher Heraclitus, who discerned in the cosmos a logos analogous to human reasoning yet not fully understood by humans.

Later, the Stoic philosophers defined the logos as an active rational principle that permeated all inanimate matter.

Our latest chair is named ‘Logos’ as a tribute to the logos that influenced its primal, startlingly poetic design.

We first stumbled across Christian Heikoop on Instagram in 2018. Due to time and capital constraints, we did not contact or begin collaborating with him until January 2021. Since then, Christian has worked with remarkable energy and resolve to flesh out a concept that he had been toying with for years.

From the moment we saw the first 3D sketches of Logos, we felt that we had no choice but to produce it. Our only concern, given the complexity of the chair’s unusual construction, was the size of our initial capital investment.

Logos Ex Situ is our first foray into digital NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Despite the incredible amount of hype surrounding NFTs, we believe they have the potential to help solve one of the more intractable problems in the design industry — we think of it as the ‘brand bottleneck.’

Due to the capital-intensive nature of furniture development and production, new products have historically been manufactured at scale only when green-lit by well-financed design brands. The exceedingly small number of such brands in the world, relative to the number of independent designers, has traditionally diminished the diversity of offerings made available to design devotees. This cultural gatekeeping can, we believe, now be sidestepped by consumers and designers transacting through NFTs.

Logos Ex Situ is an experiment in NFT crowdfunding. Using digital token technology, we will be crowdfunding the capital required to complete Logos’ development and production. If successful, we will replicate this approach with as many emerging designers, micro-brands and products as possible in an effort to decentralize the future of collectible design.

Christian Heikoop

Upon graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Christian Heikoop cut his teeth in the employ of world-renowned Dutch design studio Scholten & Baijings. From the outset of his young career, Heikoop’s independent work has cross-pollinated influences from fashion, graphic and interior design.

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